Hi, I am Dr. Rafif Tayara

Pediatric Dentist & Oral Health Ambassador

International speaker and lecturer in Oral Health, as well as an Ambassador and a key opinion leader for several global oral healthcare brands.
Rafif Tayara


Dr Rafif is a highly specialized pediatric dentist, an oral health speaker and ambassador, a proud mum of ten year-old twins, and a global citizen coming herself from a multi-cultural background.

She gathers an extensive experience in her field from training and practicing both in North America, as well as in the Middle East and GCC countries. She is also one of the very first Invisalign First providers in the Middle East, where her practice in Dubai focuses also on correcting facial growth and malocclusions early in children. Currently, she is practicing and taking consultations at Dr Michael’s Children Dental Center, Dubai, UAE.

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Dr. Tayara answers every question you have on your baby’s oral health. Get to know all the tips, the do’s and don’ts about your child’s teeth and his oral health and wellness, from questions gathered over 2 decades of clinical experience and treating families internationally.

When do you start brushing your child’s teeth for the first time? When does the first tooth erupt? How do you deal with baby teething? How do you prevent cavities in a child? Those are all questions mums, parents and caregivers ask us everyday, answered in a simple, clear and informative way. Ask us any questions you have about your child’s oral health through email or interact with us through our social media channels.

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All you need to know about baby teething

2022-11-27 13:11:10
First experiences are always exciting, and sometimes scary. Your baby’s first teeth are no exception, and you must have many questions about baby teething, which we will answer in this article.

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