Danny and Sarah go to Dr. Smile

Award winning Pediatric dentist, Child Health expert and mum of three releases her book.

I’ve always loved children, and that’s mainly why I chose a career in pediatric dentistry. Through this book, I want kids to be prepared for their dental visit in a positive way.
By showing all the stages of the dental visit in fun and colorful scenes, I hope to comfort readers, educate them,
and help them feel confident about their next dental visit.
أحببت الأطفال دائمًا، وهذا هو السبب الرئيسي الذي دفعني لاختيار مهنة طب الأسنان الأطفال. من خلال هذا الكتاب، أرغب في أن يكون الأطفال مستعدين لزيارتهم الطبية بطريقة إيجابية. من خلال عرض جميع مراحل الزيارة الطبية في مشاهد ممتعة وملونة، آمل أن أريح القراء، وأثقفهم.

What are the benefits of this book?

Is this your child's first dental visit?

This book is a fun step-by-step story to any child going to the dentist for the first time. No more dental phobia!

Your child's smile is his passport for a healthy life!

Learn valuable lessons about teeth brushing, healthy eating, and the importance of regular dental checkups to ensure bright and happy smiles.

Educate your child and raise awareness through storytelling

Children never forgets a story! “Danny and Sarah go to Dr Smile” will make your child excited to see his dentist every six months:)

The benefits of reading for children

Reading enriches children’s minds, boosts language skills, and sparks creativity, fostering a lifelong love for learning.

About the book

Join twins Danny and Sarah on their whimsical dental adventure! In this vibrant story, children learn about the importance of oral health and how to keep their smiles shiny and happy. Combining education and entertainment, this book transforms a routine dental checkup into a magical experience, teaching young ones that oral health is fun, and should be embraced with courage and joy from an early age.

Order Paper book in English for 89 AED
Read yesterday night this morning and tonight. Its really super nice from the story to the illustration and simplicity of the book. Cant wait to give it to my god daughter too :blush:
Carine Chemali
It’s a beautifully illustrated book. It captures the interest and imagination of children and explains beautifully the importance of why you need to get rid of sugar bus. This is an essential read for a school library and nurseries to prepare children before meeting their first Dr Smile.
Principal Lisa
Educator and content creator

About the Author

Dr. Rafif Tayara is a Lebanese-Canadian pediatric dentist, oral health speaker and ambassador, as well as a mom of three. During her eighteen-year career in pediatric dentistry and early orthodontics, she has trained and practiced in private clinics and hospital-based settings in North America, the Middle East, and GCC countries.

She currently resides in Dubai, where her practice focuses on early prevention of oral childhood caries, and early correction of facial growth and malocclusions in children. She’s also an expert in treating special needs children.


Dr. Tayara has played an important role in raising oral health awareness at nurseries and schools, as well as at community, medical, and educational events, and through media channels in the Middle East and GCC region.

Mom of three
Award-winning pediatric dentist
An international 
children’s health speaker
Health content creator

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