I’m Dr. Rafif Tayara, or Dr. Smile as many know me. Join me as I share my remarkable pediatric dentistry journey featured in recent publication in Al Khaleej Times, breaking barriers and creating a unique path.

From Humble Beginnings to Pediatric Dentistry Leadership

Starting from humble roots in Canada, I’ve navigated to become a trailblazer in pediatric dentistry. Overcoming challenges is a testament to perseverance. Now firmly rooted in healthcare across the UAE and the Middle East, stay tuned for my upcoming book dedicated to my twins.

My success has driven a mission to empower women and mothers in the workforce. This goes back to to raising my twins alone as an expat for ten years, while pursuing a demanding career made me realize the importance of self-investment for women seeking financial freedom in this region.

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Cultural Diversity in Healthcare

In addition, my journey involves embracing different cultures, speaking multiple languages, and adopting various medical schools of thought during training. These factors have been pivotal, enabling effective connections with diverse families in the UAE. As a mom myself, I can relate on a personal level.

Known as Dr. Smile, I’m a trusted figure in Abu Dhabi, Doha, and Dubai. Not just for clinical expertise, but also as a global advocate for children’s oral health.

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Awards and Recognitions

In my journey, receiving the Award of Academic Excellence from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Canada-Lebanon, winning the Wondermum Award for Dentist of the Year in 2022, and being recognized by the NYC Journal as one of the Top 10 Dentists to Look Out For in 2022 has been humbling.

Top Dubai Pediatric Dentist in the healthcare field

Authorship and Entrepreneurship

In addition to my dental practice, I’m excited about my new venture as an author. My upcoming children’s book aims to inspire young Arab women. Simultaneously, I’m launching my own brand, marking a new chapter in my journey as a healthcare influencer.

Success in the competitive Middle East healthcare scene goes beyond technical skills; it’s about building bonds in the community. My ability to connect has translated into a substantial online following of 67,800 on Instagram.

A deep passion for changing lives through pediatric dentistry fuels my commitment to making a difference. My journey and determined attitude resonate with women worldwide aspiring to break into male-dominated professions.

Join me as I put smiles on faces, one child at a time, and continue to inspire lives globally.